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"It's murky as to what they actually do, which I think is the actual description of consultants"
  - Kristen Bell on Showtime's "House of Lies"

Long commute - until you get home to your dog? Don't despair! "Bad Dog (A Love Story)" is available now as an AUDIOBOOK, beautifully produced by Highbridge Audio and read by David Drummond (click image to buy, often):

House of Lies

"House of Lies" - a sexy series based on my first book of the same name and starring Don Cheadle as, well, me - can be seen on Showtime at 10pm EST. Don't forget it all started as an analogue prose book object also available in a new, shark-like edition (click image to buy, often):

House of Lies

"Bad Dog (A Love Story)" is ON SALE NOW! - thanks to all the two- and four-legged friends who came out to our launch events

Hola's New Video! - the diva-like Bernese mountain dog takes Minneapolis, "Mary Tyler Moore Show" style

"Bad Dog" Book Trailer - includes poignant shots of Marty & his beloved canine Hola ambling around the waterfront on the northern Mississippi River in Minneapolis:

That Barking - you hear is the raffish response of rabid readers of the Author's most recent Masterpiece, "Bad Dog: A Love Story" - a heartrending memoir of how dog training can save your life. Pub'd by Random House's Pantheon Books.

Need Help - dreaming up a subtitle for your non-fiction expose, memoir, palimpsest or revenge fantasy? Check out my Amazing True Non-Fiction Book Subtitle-o-Matic - the companion to my latest Publishers Weekly article.

Recommended Reading - lists have a biting entry by me as I reveal the "Secrets of the Canine Obedience Champions" Petra Ford & Tyler in Slate.

The Metropolitan Opera - has a new fan. Hint: She's still working on "Walking on a Loose Leash" (CGC test item #4).

Hola at the Met

 Incredible - coincidence in the world of pet names, as my own dog suddenly leads the pack. Woof!

Regarding my first Work, "House of Lies":

 "A more entertaining book - about business is unlikely to appear for a long time!" raves the Economist (4/10) - read the rhapsody here

 Great honor - bestowed on the Author by the Peoples of China & Portugal as his work is pirated!

China  global domination  Brazil

 Who calls - the Author "provocative and absolutely cynical!" Why - it's merely transcendental Harvard Business newsletter

 Catch up! - to great hits of Fast Company's Consultant Debunking Unit product offerings: as in What's Bain to ya! (pdf) and Standin' for nothin'! (pdf) and 99.997% perfect 6-Sigma debunkin'! (pdf)

 IT'S HERE!! - the breath-taking Flash-animated VIDEO VERSION OF 'HOUSE OF LIES'!!

 Pleasure seek - a very sensible and guiding "Reader's Guide" to the work!

 When - will the raves stop? Never? The New York Times in 3/06 Business section opines: "Mr. Kihn spends his time telling amusing tales of partners with an overinflated sense of self-worth, and of consultants who find themselves in a situation for which they are not prepared." Read it here!

 Radio - loves the author - commentary on NPR's delicious "Marketplace" by me can be heard here (I'm at the end)

 Q&A - With your ubiquitous author in Inc. magazine

 Who says - 'House of Lies' is "Deeply intelligent and highly funny" - none other than Publishers Weekly - read the rave here!

Regarding my second office-based satirical work, "A$$hole":

 Pay an A$$hole - to speak at your funeral, debutante ball or child's birthday party! Interested? Of course. Enjoy the Author's "demo reel" here:

 Listen up - to the totally original theme song for the book: "Too Nice (A$$hole)." The artist is supersexy Julia DouglA$$. Sorry, pirates - it's actually free!

 See here now - the original A$$hole video directed by a man who should in fact be writing:

 Author's Notes - for "non-fiction" memoirs prove they're all "fiction." Don't believe me? Have your mind expanded here!

 At long last - Yes - it's true what you have been dreaming - the Author completed yet another Masterpiece. This one an outrageous satire of all that was holy. Publisher was Broadway Books. Film rights to Spring Creek/Warner Brothers. You're welcome.


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